VIVA@LINC 1LINC 2016 January 26-29, 2016 in Leipzig, Germany

Strategies VIVA@LINC16

VIVA Board Members attended LINC 2016 and presented Strategies on the Frontline: Triumph or Tragedy? This session was a case-based session focusing on real cases with challenges and complications that made the experts sweat. Audience participation was encouraged and step-by-step case management was featured and discussed. This round room setting was dedicated to controversial, interactive talk-show-like sessions.

  • Watch Dr. Sean Lyden begin the Strategies on the Frontline session about a patient with PVD and Carotid ASO
  • Watch Dr. Michael R. Jaff present on a complex case about a patient with a carcinoid tumor
  • Watch VCA award winner, Dr. Raghu Kolluri, present on a complex tibial ulcer case
VIVA Board Member, D. Christopher Metzger, MD held a live case transmission in Kingsport Tennessee on Complex Aortoilliac Occlusive Disease.  Flash presentations were given by Dr. Gary Ansel, Dr. Kenneth Rosenfield, Dr. Peter Schneider, and VCA award winner Dr. Theodosios Bisdas intermittent to the live case.    
FlashPresLINC16IMG_3061 View our Full Agenda here.