Face-Off Competition

Tuesday, September 12 - Wednesday, September 13

VIVA 17 offers an opportunity for U.S. physicians-in-training and international physicians to present original research or interesting cases with a focus on complex procedures, complication management, advanced and novel techniques, or new technology. Presenters will face-off with VIVA faculty for seven minutes followed by three minutes of Q&A. VIVA faculty will judge each presentation on clarity, interest, value, originality, and depth/scope. The top three winners will enter the "VIVA Face-Off Winner's Circle" and present in the VIVA Global Theater on Thursday.


  • Tuesday, September 12:  10:45 – 11:55 am; 2:15 – 3:25 pm; 4:00 – 4:40 pm
  • Wednesday, September 13:  8:15 – 9:10 am; 10:45 – 11:40 am