December 6, 2016 Tel Aviv, Israel

VIVA again participated in the ICI Meeting in Tel Aviv, Israel on December 6, 2016. This well-established and widely attended interdisciplinary conference focuses on innovation in cardiovascular diseases. The meeting is recognized internationally as a place where academia, clinical practice, industry, and entrepreneurs can come together in a dynamic environment to share ideas and learn from each other. Given these attribute, the collaboration between VIVA and ICI is natural. The ICI-VIVA joint sessions were a great success with standing room only. A wide range of talks from VIVA board members as well as other faculty covered the gamut of cutting-edge vascular interventions. VIVA board members spoke on management of asymptomatic carotid stenosis (Dr. Michael Jaff), bioabsorbable scaffolds below the knee (Dr. Michael Jaff), plaque modification in SFA interventions (Dr. John Rundback), intervention for PE (Dr. Ken Rosenfield), and Intervention in proximal DVT (Dr. John Kaufman). VIVA board members also participated in other session including the Interventional Radiology Topics (Dr. John Kaufman) and a roundtable on bioabsorbable scaffolds in the SFA (Dr. Michael Jaff and Dr. John Rundback). A long-time friend of VIVA, Dr. Ido Weinberg, spoke in the ICI-VIVA session on venous diseases. For further information about ICI 16, please visit