November 14, 2020

The VEINS 2020 Preview

Raghu Kolluri, MS, MD
VIVA Board of Directors | The VEINS Course Director

For 10 years, The VEINS has met its mission of providing unparalleled venous education. Annually, the conference has expanded and adapted to reach an ever-growing audience of healthcare providers, both in numbers and the diversity of specialties. This year’s meeting will be more international than ever before, with attendees representing more than 50 countries worldwide.

During the pandemic, we learned that COVID-19 might be associated with a pro-thrombotic state and that there may be associated cutaneous manifestations from underlying microvascular pathology. Longer-term follow-up data on FDA-approved venous stents are now available. EVRA trial 3-year economic analysis has been published. New guidelines and appropriateness criteria have been published for IVC filter implantation and venous interventions.

Our 2020 agenda will explore these most pressing questions of the year – how will practices and patient outcomes change in the era of COVID-19? “The Basics,” our first session on Saturday, will cover guidelines for COVID-related VTE management, challenges in COVID-associated interventions, and real-world observations on how this disease is changing the landscape of venous treatment. This session will also explore the current status of venous valve development and the appropriate use criteria for venous interventions, published by the American Venous Forum.

Saturday continues with a series of superficial venous disease, acute DVT, and venous leg ulcer presentations. Our expert faculty members will provide updates on several high-interest trials, including the LUPA trial, EVRA trial, GAPS trial, and the CLEAR DVT trial.

Sunday kicks off with a session on chronic venous obstruction and post-thrombotic syndrome. Subsequent presentations on the pelvic venous disease will showcase the diagnosis and management of pelvic venous disease. Next, we will focus on IVC filters covering ongoing controversies, optimizing retrieval success, and the changes brought about by new devices.

The VEINS will conclude on a high note with a session on venous stents, with IDE and post-market data updates for these devices. The session will feature the first report for the Zilver Vena™-VIVO-US Trial, real-world experience with Vici® Venous Stent and Venovo® Stent, and updates on the Abre® Stent Trial, Vesper® Stent, and the Blueflow Venous Stent Registry.

While we would be thrilled to celebrate our 10th year of education with our colleagues live in Las Vegas, we have embraced the challenges and advantages of presenting our first-ever virtual meeting. We hope you will use the virtual platform to view the sessions and take the opportunity to network with other attendees, faculty, and members of the industry.

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