Visit the Global Theater for presentations from our multidisciplinary, international faculty, the popular global live case broadcasts, and the newest data in our Late-Breaking Clinical Trial sessions.

This year's featured live case sites and operators will include:

J. Michael Bacharach, MD - Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Tony Das, MD - Dallas, Texas

Andrew Holden, MBChB - Auckland, New Zealand

Jason T. Lee, MD - Stanford, California

Andrej Schmidt, MD - Liepzig, Germany

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The Roundtable offers concentrated clinical discussions on real-world issues and practical approaches. Members of our expert faculty offer their opinions and review the latest controversies in order to provide new insight and understanding for attendees.

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This small-theater experience offers interactive discussion on the most challenging clinical cases. Audience members are encouraged to interact with VIVA faculty to discuss real-world issues and practice approaches. These sessions will expand attendees' clinical boundaries and prepare them to achieve successful outcomes in the most challenging case situations.

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U.S. Physicians in training (fellows and qualifying residents) and international physicians will present original research or interesting cases that focus on complex procedures, complication management, advanced and novel techniques, or new technology. Presenters will face-off with VIVA faculty for 7 minutes, followed by 3 minutes of Q&A. Afterward, VIVA faculty will grade each presentation on clarity, interest, value, originality, and depth/scope. Winners of the competition will have the opportunity to present their research or case on the Global Theater stage on the final day of VIVA.

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Management of patients with vascular disease requires a comprehensive approach, ranging from medical therapy to intervention and surgery. Medical therapy is especially important as it treats the underlying condition and modifies the impact of interventional therapies. PharmacoRx sessions review the well-known and lesser-known aspects of medical therapy for peripheral artery disease, abdominal aortic aneurysm, and venous thromboembolism to provide clinical pearls for the practitioner.

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Nurses + Techs

This educational symposium is focused on the needs of the allied cardiovascular healthcare professionals who play a critical role in the team-based delivery of vascular care. Integrated, interdisciplinary faculty will focus their presentations on the unique needs of nurses & technologists, and feature a wide variety of interesting topics. Additionally, this year's Nurses + Techs program will join the Global Theater audience for global live cases, the conference keynote, and more.

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