The VEINS 2020 Continues

This virtual event will be held Saturday, December 12, 2020 from 11am – 2:30pm PST.

The first session will be a series of case vignettes, each with interactive audience polling, live Q&A, and a focused multidisciplinary panel. The second session will dive into 3 cases covering a variety of venous disease issues.

Program Chair
Raghu Kolluri, MD


Lowell Kabnick, MD
Maureen Kohi, MD
Mitchell Silver, DO

Case Presenter

Christopher Huff, MD

Stephen Black, MD
Alun Davies, MD
Kathleen Gibson, MD
Michael Lichtenberg, MD
Lindsay Machan, MD
Saher Sabri, MD
Akhilesh Sista, MD
Mitchell Weinberg, MD