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Superb Registry 3 Year Data

Dr. Jaff: Welcome to VIVA365. I am Michael Jaff, joined by my colleagues: Gary Ansel,...

Zilver PTX Japan PMS

Dr. Jaff: Welcome to VIVA 365. I am Michael Jaff. I am joined by Gary...

Venous Insufficiency Quiz 1

Roadster Trial

Welcome to VIVA 365. I am Dr. Michael Jaff, joined by a panel of experts:...

Critical Limb Ischemia Quiz 1

Pulmonary Embolism Quiz 1

Inferior Vena Cava Filters: Dilemmas and Solutions

This is Michael Jaff (Michael R. Jaff, DO) from VIVA 365 joined by John Laird...

Barriers to Walking in PAD Patients

Dr. Beckman: Hi. My name is Josh Beckman. I’m here with Drs. Michael Dake and...

The Future of Vascular Intervention – Fall, 2014

Renal artery stenting in the post-CORAL era