The VEINS 16: Comprehensive Wound Care with Jihad Mustapha, MD

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This session was doderated by Jihad Mustapha, MD at the VEINS 16 with panelists Desmond Bell, DPM, CWS, Michael Maier, DPM, and Robert McLafferty, MD. Watch as they discuss the challenges of integrating wound care into multidisciplinary care, tackling questions such as—

  • Which patients need arterial evaluation, and when should noninvasive imaging be used?
  • How can hospital leaders be persuaded to embrace centralized wound care?
  • How can standardized approaches be used to ameliorate the difficulties of coordinating care?
  • What roles should vascular specialists and podiatrists play in wound care centers and on limb salvage teams?
  • What information should wound care teams share with their interventional and vascular surgeon colleagues?

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