VIVA 16 Live Case: Femoral & Popliteal Artery Lesions Case at AZ Sint Blasius Hospital

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Watch as Koen Deloose, MD, and Joren Callaert, MD, treat a patient with heavily calcified common femoral and popliteal artery lesions. From the first moments of the case, you’ll observe the case unfolding, as Drs. Deloose and Callaert—

  • Review the patient’s CT and MRI angiograms, risk factors and history;
  • Outline their therapeutic strategy;
  • Describe their planning and imaging preparation;
  • Explain technology and technique;
  • Narrate their clinical decision-making; and
  • Field questions from VIVA 16 session moderator Christopher Metzger, MD, and panelists Herb Aronow, MD, Robert Morgan, MD, Jihad Mustapha, MD, Constantino Peña, MD, Darren Schneider, MD, and Martin Werner, MD, as they summarize key take-aways.

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