Face-Off Spotlight: Case Presentation on Ravascularization for Below-the-Ankle Lesions

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VIVA’s unique and popular Face-Off Competition offers an opportunity for U.S. physicians-in-training and international physicians to present original research or interesting cases with a focus on complex procedures, complication management, advanced and novel techniques, or new technology. Presenters face-off with VIVA faculty for seven minutes followed by three minutes of Q&A. VIVA faculty judge each presentation on clarity, interest, value, originality, and depth/scope. Winners of the competition enter the “VIVA Face-Off Winner’s Circle” and get the opportunity to present in the General Session.

Case Presentation on Revascularization for Below-the-Ankle Lesions, by Dr. Joseph DeMarco

Watch as Joseph DeMarco, DO, of Morristown Medical Center (Morristown, NJ), faces off at VIVA 15. Noting that isolated below-the-ankle revascularization has not been independently studied, Dr. DeMarco focused his presentation on below-the-ankle lesions that were identified and treated using angioplasty without additional concurrent infrapopliteal or femoropopliteal intervention. His Face-Off presentation, “Keep Me in The Loop: A Case Series of Critical Limb Ischemia Treated with Isolated Pedal Loop Angioplasty,” won the round, allowing him to advance to the next stage of competition.

View Dr. DeMarco’s presentation as a participant in the Face-Off Competition at VIVA 15.



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