Live Stream

Forum Overview

The live stream for VLF 2019 has now concluded. Videos of each forum session can be found in the agenda section below.

Late last year, a meta-analysis was published that suggested an association between drug-eluting device use in the context of treating PAD and increased mortality at 2 and 5 years. The results of the meta-analysis have given significant pause to many clinicians. Since the publication, trials using drug-eluting technologies have been halted in Europe while the FDA issued a statement asking for “continued surveillance” while they investigate. The Vascular Leaders Forum Steering Committee believes this provides an opportunity for the vascular community to rise to the occasion, put patients first, and organize the entire set of data in this area to provide the clearest understanding of the current state of paclitaxel-coated devices.

It’s against the backdrop of these issues that VIVA Physicians, a not-for-profit organization with a mission to educate about, advocate for, and investigate vascular diseases, has brought together leading clinicians from around the world; regulatory bodies, societies, industry representatives; and, experts in clinical trial design and statistics to host a balanced, transparent, and comprehensive scientific discussion. To ensure a balanced review of the literature and the current meta-analysis, a process to manage conflicts of interest has been put in place and disclosures are posted for each member of the Forum.

Forum Objectives

The ultimate goal of this program is to provide a foundational history of drug-based vascular devices and a glimpse into the current state of clinical affairs with an eye on the next steps needed to confirm the effects of paclitaxel in devices used to treat peripheral disease.

In the spirit of transparency and with an understanding of the topic's urgency, the program was live-streamed, and video recordings of each session are now available for review with links embedded in the agenda section below.

Steering Committee

  1. Gary Ansel, MD

    OhioHealth Riverside Methodist Hospital & McConnell Heart Hospital

    Columbus, Ohio

  2. Joshua Beckman, MD

    Vanderbilt University Medical Center

    Nashville, Tennessee

  3. Michael R. Jaff, DO

    Newton-Wellesley Hospital & Harvard Medical School

    Newton & Boston, Massachusetts

  4. John Laird Jr, MD

    Adventist St. Helena Hospital

    St. Helena, California

  5. Kenneth Rosenfield, MD

    Massachusetts General Hospital

    Boston, Massachussetts

  6. Peter Schneider, MD

    University of California at San Francisco & Kaiser Foundation Hospital

    San Francisco, California & Honolulu, Hawaii

  7. Christopher White, MD

    Ochsner Health System

    New Orleans, Louisiana

VIVA Board Members in Attendance


    Vascular Associates

    Dallas, Texas


    OhioHealth Riverside Methodist Hospital

    Columbus, Ohio

  3. Sean Lyden, MD

    Cleveland Clinic

    Cleveland, Ohio

  4. D. Christopher Metzger, MD

    Wellmont CVA Heart Institue

    Kingsport, Tennessee

  5. Krishna Rocha-Singh, MD

    Prairie Heart Institute at St. John's Hospital

    Springfield, Illinois



  1. John Fritz Angle, MD

    University of Virginia

    Charlottesville, Virginia

  2. Nelson Bernardo, MD

    MedStar Washington Hospital Center

    Washington, DC

  3. Marianne Brodmann, MD

    Medical University Graz

    Graz, Austria

  4. Donna Buckley, MD


    Silver Spring, Maryland

  5. Kenneth Cavanaugh, PhD


    Silver Spring, Maryland

  6. Joseph Chin, MD


    Washington, DC

  7. Michael Dake, MD

    The University of Arizona Health Sciences

    Tucson, Arizona

  8. Koen Deloose, MD

    AZ Sint Blasius Hospital

    Dendermonde, Belgium

  9. Brian DeRubertis, MD

    UCLA-Ronald Reagan Medical Center

    Los Angeles, California

  10. Sue Duval, PhD

    University of Minnesota Medical School

    Minneapolis, Minnesota

  11. Elazer Edelman, MD, PhD

    Massachusetts Institute of Technology

    Boston, Massachusetts

  12. Mårten Falkenberg, MD, PhD

    Sahlgrenska University Hospital

    Göteborg, Sweden

  13. Andrew Farb, MD


    Silver Spring, Maryland

  14. Aloke Finn, MD

    University of Maryland School of Medicine

    Baltimore, Maryland

  15. Peter Gaines, MD

    Sheffield Hallam University

    Sheffield, United Kingdom

  16. Lawrence Garcia, MD

    Steward St. Elizabeth's Medical Center

    Boston, Massachusetts

  17. Patrick Geraghty, MD

    Washington University Medical School

    St. Louis, Missouri

  18. William Gray, MD

    Lankenau Heart Institute

    Boston, Massachusetts

  19. Kim J. Hodgson, MD

    Society of Vascular Surgery (SVS)

    Springfield, Illinois

  20. Konstantinos Katsanos, MD, PhD

    Patras University Hospital

    Patras, Greece

  21. Barry Katzen, MD

    Miami Cardiac & Vascular Institute

    Miami, Florida

  22. Maureen Kohi, MD

    University of California, San Francisco

    San Francisco, California

  23. Robert Lookstein, MD

    Mount Sinai Medical Center

    New York, New York

  24. Lindsay Machan, MD

    University of British Colombia

    Vancouver, Canada

  25. Misti Malone, PhD


    Silver Spring, Maryland

  26. Erica Mayer, MD, MPH

    Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

    Boston, Massachusetts

  27. Matthew Menard, MD

    Brigham and Women's Hospital

    Boston, Massachusetts

  28. Jonathan Michaels, MD

    University of Sheffield

    Sheffield, United Kingdom

  29. Joseph Mills, MD

    Baylor College of Medicine

    Houston, Texas

  30. Sanjay Misra, MD

    Mayo Clinic

    Rochester, Minnesota

  31. Stefan Müller- Hülsbeck, MD

    Diako Hospital

    Flensburg, Germany

  32. Jihad Mustapha, MD

    Advanced Cardiac & Vascular Amputation Prevention Center

    Grand Rapids, Michigan

  33. Richard Neville, MD

    Inova Heart and Vascular Institute

    Annandale, Virginia

  34. Jeffrey Olin, DO

    Mount Sinai Hospital

    New York, New York

  35. Sahil Parikh, MD

    Columbia University Medical Center

    New York, New York

  36. Alex Powell, MD

    Miami Vascular

    Miami, Florida

  37. Paul Rudolf, MD

    Arnold & Porter

    Washington, DC

  38. Ravish Sachar, MD


    Raleigh, North Carolina

  39. Marc Schermerhorn, MD

    Deaconess/Beth Israel

    Boston, Massachusetts

  40. Darren Schneider, MD

    New York-Presbyterian, Weill Cornell Medical Center

    New York, New York

  41. Eric Secemsky, MD

    Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

    Boston, Massachusetts

  42. Mehdi H Shishehbor, DO, MPH, PhD

    Case Western Reserve University

    Cleveland, Ohio

  43. Niten Singh, MD

    Harborview Medical Center

    Seattle, Washington

  44. George Sopko, MD

    National Institutes of Health

    Bethesda, Maryland

  45. Giovanni Torsello, MD

    Franziskus Hospital

    Munster, Germany

  46. Ramon Varcoe, MBBS, MD, PhD

    Prince of Wales Hospital

    Sydney, Australia

  47. Alfred Vargas, MD


    Columbus, Ohio

  48. Ron Waksman, MD

    MedStar Washington Hospital Center

    Washington, DC

  49. Ido Weinberg, MD

    Massachusetts General Hospital

    Boston, Massachusetts

  50. Bret Wiechmann, MD

    Vascular & Interventional Physicians

    Gainesville, Florida

  51. Yoshiaki Yokoi, MD

    Kishiwada Tokushukai Hospital

    Osaka, Japan

  52. Thomas Zeller, MD, PhD

    Universitaets-Herzzentrum Freiburg

    Bad Krozingen, Germany

  53. Bram Zuckerman, MD


    Silver Spring, Maryland